William Sherman - Drastic overcharge for part installation- Gas water heater

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Sherman Enterprises - PO Box 1802, Union, NJ 07083- (800) 468 9283

This company charged $375 for the labor of installing a complete burner assembly for a gas-fired hot water heater on Jan. 11, 2011 (the manufacturer provided the part free of charge) The work took approximately 30 minutes. Two technicians came but there is only room for one person to work at the water heater.

The manufacturer (Whirlpool) told me that a typical charge would be $100 and up but that it was at the discretion of the company doing the installation. This was an outrageous overcharge.

This charge was actually 69% of the total charge for cost and installation of the water heater back in November of 2003.

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Two technicians showed up?Ridiculous!

If I were you, I'd check with my state AG to see if this obviously excessive charge would be considered a case of price gouging.Many states have a price gouging statute on the books that may offer you some recourse.

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